14th ACOMP Course

“Getting started with Artificial intelligence”

In conjunction with SEACOMP Phuket, October 21-23, 2021
Title:Getting started with Artificial Intelligence
Date:October 22-23, 2021, 8.00-10.00am (GMT +7)
Duration:4 hours
Coordinators:Prof. Kwan Hoong Ng & Dr. Shier Nee Saw
Lecturers:Prof. Chu Kiong Loo, Dr. Shier Nee Saw

Synopsis: Machine Learning is a form of artificial intelligence that uses patterns in a large dataset to make predictions such as medical diagnosis, object detection, object recognization, anamoly detection and others. This workshop will introduce the concept of Machine Learning focusing on supervised learning. In supervised learning, we will discuss algorithms which are trained on input data labelled with a desired output. Following that, participants will have Colab hands-on training on how to build machine learning model to solve practical problems.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To introduce the basic concepts and techniques of Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning.
  2. To gain hands-on coding experience of using recent machine learning for solving practical problem.

Prerequisite: Curiosity and interest to learn. Some basic knowledge of computing.

Day 1, October 22, 2021
08.00am – 08.10amOverview of AI in medicineProf. Kwan Hoong Ng
08.10am – 08.40amIntroduction to Machine Learning LectureProf. Chu Kiong Loo
08.40am – 09.30amGoogle Colab Introduction Hands-on Workshop*Dr. Shier Nee Saw
09.30am – 10.00amSolving classification problem hands-on WorkshopDr. Shier Nee Saw
Day 2, October 23, 2021
08.00am – 08.30amRegression Concept LectureDr. Shier Nee Saw
08.30am – 09.00amSolving regression problem hands-on WorkshopDr. Shier Nee Saw
09.00am – 10.00amDevelop machine learning model for medical problemsDr. Shier Nee Saw
* We need a google account to use Google Colab. Please register one if you do not have.

For Inquiry: Prof. Kwan Hoong Ng, ACOMP Director ngkh@ummc.edu.my

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